Let’s Speak About The Realities Of Dating In San Francisco Bay Area

Let’s Speak About The Realities Of Dating In San Francisco Bay Area

**UPDATED at the time of Sept. 2018- originally posted in 2016. Two years wiser and much more time invested in bay area means a fresher perspective!

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*** Quick heads up: this viewpoint relates to right females but I’d love to hear other views!

It is very easy to get down when considering to san francisco bay area dating.

Often times within my 4 years here, I would personally state:

“It’s la la land here. Males don’t want to subside. ” “It’s too difficult finding some guy who may haven’t dated one or more of my friends. ” “No one really ‘dates’ right here. And males seldom approach females. ”

The fact is- I becamen’t far down. Plenty of dudes in bay area fit that mildew. But quite simply pawing around on those ideas time and time again won’t do just about anything in a dating landscape where- you neeeed to stay positive if you want to stay happy and have fun. Why is it worth remaining good? Since there are excellent guys in san francisco bay area. You merely need certainly to alter your approach whenever things aren’t helping you. You should be intuitive. You understand where bigger degrees of “fuck boys” or “Peter Pans” (adult men who won’t grow up) regular. Invest less time at those spots if you’re seeking to raise your likelihood of finding some body of quality and connection that is true.

You will find idiots and jerks in bay area. But you will find idiots and jerks every-where. EVERY-WHERE. Understand that.