Designing Dream Daddy’s character creator to deepen engagement

Designing Dream Daddy’s character creator to deepen engagement

The appropriately called Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator from Game Grumps provides players a range of fatherly dreamboats to generally meet and romantically pursue after going up to a brand new town. Creators Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw weren’t simply content to inform a tale of hunky papas love that is finding however. They desired the players to feel active in the whole story, employing a character creator to improve that bond between player and narrative.

This character creator would give players a feeling of ownership on the whole tale, but additionally would connect in to the themes of inclusivity and help that the designers desired to push ahead using their work. In checking out a moms and dad finding love, Dream Daddy would additionally explore a hot story of unconditional parental love and acceptance also.

Delivery associated with the “Dadsona”

Gray shared this basic concept with Shaw within a provided journey, as well as the idea came together obviously.

“Leighton and I also have already been internet buddies for an extended, number of years now,” says Shaw. “Last 12 months, she was at town, and now we had been likely to Disneyland together.