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23, 2019 – October 24, 2019 october

Geneva, October 23-24, 2019. “Anchoring Natural Resources and Raw Materials Management for Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production” is the leading theme of WRF2019, to be held in Geneva, October 23-24, 2019. The format may have all aspects of the successful multi-stakeholder “WRF flagship” dialogue, as developed since 2011: 2 times with a variety of plenary sessions and co-created workshops with meeting partners, causing a meeting summary or declaration, clinical sessions, and plenary conversations for company, policy-makers, and local lovers.

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Conference Background

There clearly was a growing understanding that we ought to manage our natural resources better. Materials of (critical) materials aren’t evenly distributed. Mining of primary materials and recycling of secondary materials face increasing financial, ecological and challenges that are social. Policymakers begin to realize that inadequate worldwide management of materials has undesirable effects on safety of supply, know-how and livelihoods and well being of individuals global. World Resources Forum 2017, held in Geneva, happens to be a wake-up call, confirming that much work is necessary to attain the objectives associated with the Paris Climate Agenda while the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by strengthening resource-efficiency policies global. The need for extreme improvements of global governance of garbage was highlighted, just as the necessity for sound environmental and social requirements for the extractive industry and criteria and policy frameworks for guaranteeing sustainable recycling of secondary materials.

The last report associated with the EC H2020 FORAM task, led by WRF on the part of a worldwide consortium, one year later identified essential suggestions in the area of garbage, and unveiled a widely-felt need certainly to enhance worldwide cooperation and governance, building on current sites and initiatives. Procedures to enhance cooperation that is international be talked about during the upcoming recycleables Summit in Berlin, might 2019, arranged with EIT garbage.

UN Environment’s Global site Panel is taking care of this subject also and it has reported trends and findings towards the 2019 un Environment Assembly, held in Nairobi in March 2019. The Ministerial Declaration of this 2019 United Nations Environment Assembly has reaffirmed that poverty eradication, marketing sustainable habits of usage and production and protecting the natural resource base of economic and social development will be the important needs for sustainable development. Ministers have expressed their dedication to enhance nationwide resource administration methods with an integral full lifecycle approach to accomplish resource-efficient and low-carbon economies.

The Ministers noted that resource removal and processing of materials, fuels, and meals is the reason significantly more than 90 percent of international biodiversity and water anxiety effects and about 50 % of this climate that is global emissions. In addition they respected that sustainable handling of mineral and metal resources contributes considerably to attaining the SDGs. The Ministers have required UN Environment to ascertain a job team comprising the Global site Panel while the One Planet Network, to deliver insights regarding the handling of natural resources and recycleables with regards to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and explore the possibility provided by the various paths towards sustainable usage and production.They additionally requested UN Environment to try a research centered on a life-cycle approach and profiting through the work of this Global Resource Panel plus the One Planet Network, in the potential of present sustainable financial models for attaining sustainable usage and manufacturing in some sectors, such as for instance plastic materials, textiles and construction, and including through value retention processes, such as for instance direct reuse, fix, refurbishment and remanufacturing.The Ministers moreover asked UN Environment to gather informative data on sustainable techniques, recognize knowledge gaps and choices for execution techniques, and undertake a summary of current assessments of various governance initiatives and approaches on sustainable handling of steel and mineral resources.

Attaining sustainable usage and manufacturing is, in line with the Ministers “only possible with all the active support and involvement of all of the stakeholders, in particular people who: extract and manage garbage and normal resources, develop new materials, create; design, make, procedure and package goods, including meals and solutions; sell products; make choices on usage and discard services and products; along with people who handle waste and product data data recovery by the end of life in addition to customers using their usage and disposal habits.” The Ministers asked UN Environment to function on these presssing problems as well as, amongst others, the UNEP Overseas site Panel plus the One Planet Network, both lovers associated with the World Resources Forum.

Through its unique place as informal specialist platform, with solid links to governments, companies, technology and society most importantly, the World Resources Forum certainly plays a part in international change of real information and enhancement of worldwide cooperation and certainly will hence devote its future meeting to those dilemmas.

Conference Theme

As a consequence of the committed results associated with the un Environment Assembly and associated conferences and sites, it’s imperative and urgent now to anchor development that is sustainable into all sectoral policies and work out the hyperlink to sustainable consumption and manufacturing programs, based on life-cycle approaches. Ergo, the theme for World Resources Forum 2019, become held in Geneva, from 23-24 October 2019, is “Anchoring Natural Resources and Raw Materials Management for Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production”.

Conference System

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