The bondage positions that are best for blow jobs

The bondage positions that are best for blow jobs

When you along with your partner have actually learned the nine amazing bondage jobs on our list, you’ll be happily chatavenue surprised to understand they are perfect for some really great blow work action!

The most readily useful bondage roles for blow jobs are:

  1. The Chair Bondage position
  2. The Spreadeagle
  3. The Crab Tie position
  4. Zeus
  5. The Hogtie

1. The Seat Bondage position

The seat bondage position lends it self completely to a single for the best blow task roles of all of the time – the Boss’s seat!

Here’s just just how it’s done:

(Redraw this because of the man strapped into a sex that is inflatable, or simply tied up onto a typical seat when you look at the seat bondage place).


With this one, the man could be the sub, therefore ladies, take notice… To offer your man an earth-shattering blow task, connect him up to a seat into the seat bondage place.

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